General Advices

Instructions for Patients Undergoing Angiography

  • Bring all medical papers like Blood test Reports, ECG, TMT & all current medicines.
  • Eat light diet before coming to Hospital.
  • Continue taking liquids through out the day.
  • Tab. Alprazolam (0.25 mg) to be taken previous night, and in morning.
  • Do not take Tab. Acitrom/Tab. Warfarin (Anticoagulent) on the day of Angiography, If in doubt, please ask.
  • Do not take Diabetes Medicines of insulin injection on the day of Angiography.
  • All other medication to be taken as per schedule.
  • Your Angiography time will be decided after your admission. This will depend on your test reports & other emergency cases.

Instructions For Patients and Relatives after Angiography

  • Watch for Bleeding/Blackening at site of puncture.
  • Patient should preferable take 3 to 4 litres of water for next 2 days. (Over and above routine diet)
  • IF DIABETIC – Start diabetes medicines after the Angiography.
  • Follow up visit after 7 days – with prior appointment only.
  • Appointment to be booked on discharge (M) 9909950120


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