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Dr. Sunil Thanvi is a senior and dynamic cardiologist with a penchant for academics and hard work


Research Trials Conducted
Sr. No Indication of Trial Clinical Phase of Trial (I-IV) Role in Trial Year
1 Acute Coronary Syndrome III Principal Investigator 2010
2 Congestive Heart Failure III Principal Investigator 2010
3 Acute Coronary Syndrome III Principal Investigator 2010
4 Acute Coronary Syndrome and Diabetes Mellitus III Principal Investigator 2010
5 Acute Coronary Syndrome II Principal Investigator 2009
6 Preventing Stroke and Systemic Embolism in Subjects with Non-valvular Arterial Fibrillation III Co- Investigator 2009
7 Hyponatremia II Co- Investigator 2009
8 Single, De novo, Non Complex Coronary Lesions IV Co- Investigator 2009
9 Renal Artery Aneurysm III Co- Investigator 2008
10 Hypertension IV Co- Investigator 2008
11 Hypertension III Co- Investigator 2007
12 Stent for percutaneous coronary intervention IV Co- Investigator 2007
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